Responsive Web Design

I strive to create compelling, beautifully clear websites.  They are compelling because I build them with a clear strategy in mind – not just to look good.

My work is created with a focus on your audience – ensuring each website is structured so that the user quickly finds what they’re looking for, and sees what you want them to see.  Simple really.



WordPress Development

WordPress allows us to build your website so that it is super-flexible and super-easy for you to update.

It’s probably the world’s most popular open source Content Management System, and is extremely good when it comes to creating bespoke websites.  In the right hands, the possibilities are extensive.



Web Content Marketing

Creating authoritative, high quality content is an important part of any inbound marketing strategy.  It not only makes you more likely to be found on Google, it also helps position you as a ‘go-to’ person in your field.

Some of my clients relish creating and adding content to their website; others don’t have the time or inclination.  I work with the latter group assisting with content strategy and creation, web publishing, email newsletters and more.


I build websites that are structured and designed to fit & work for your business.  You’ll suddenly find that you have in your hands a tool which is actually capable of delivering results.



A rough guide to the web design process

notebook1. Listen & discuss

I sit down face-to-face with you to get an understanding of your business, what you’re aiming to achieve and the part you want your website to play.  Be prepared to have your ideas challenged!  We’ll be talking about your anticipated audience, the user journey and more.

pencil2. Design

Initial designs are sketched on paper before being transferred into full colour mockups.  This is a collaborative process, so we discuss and tweak until we’re both full happy that we’ve got a structure and design that fits your business, your audience and your ethos.

cogs3. Build

Once we have an agreed design, I will go away and code the website up.  I usually go a bit quiet at this stage, while I have my head stuck deep in HTML, CSS, PHP.  Hopefully by this point, you will have pulled together all your website content, ready for adding to the near-completion website.

pin4. Go-Live!

This is the exciting bit!  Once you’ve reviewed the finished website, and we’ve made any final tweaks, we’ll agree a good time to take the new website live, hosted with our UK-based hosting provider.  We’ll also schedule in some training – so you’re confident in knowing how to update your website going forward.


… And then what?

A website should be a constantly changing, living entity.  Keeping a website fresh and regularly updated is not only crucial to help establish and maintain search engine rankings, but also so that the website continues to reflect the living, moving nature of a thriving organisation.

It’s therefore very helpful if you have someone you can pick up the phone and talk to, a week, six months, two years down the line – when you come to update your website and want to double check something.  My clients are free to phone or email me whenever they run into a web-related problem or simply have a question.  I do my best to always respond in a timely, helpful manner.

Some people also want dedicated monthly support on an on-going basis – to help with content creation for their website or for an email newsletter perhaps.  That’s fine too.

Call me now on 01235 811 088 to discuss your website project.