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Where are you now & what does success look like?

This post is Step 2 of my series of blog posts, ‘Running a successful website in the real world’.  Click here for more information.

The purpose of this post is to gain some idea of what your website is achieving for you at the moment, and working out what success looks like – it simply means that you’ve then got some measure of how the time you are investing in your website is paying off.

It’s easy to get bogged down in this sort of thing, so I intend to make this post very short, sharp and sweet, so we can move on to the important point – achieving success! Continue reading >>

Running a successful website in the real world

I can divide my clients broadly into two main groups: those who generate business via their website and those who don’t. What makes the difference?  How do you move from ‘website-inertia’ to a position where you have a professional, up-to-date and business generating or business supporting website?   Note This isn’t one of those blog posts that is going to present a quick-fix solution which guarantees unbelievable increases in enquiries and sales.  If there is such a quick fix (I haven’t found it yet), I don’t believe it’ll be an enduring one. I intend to take an in-depth look at… Read more »

Start connecting with your readers!

Lots of Hexagon clients have a blog page which they update regularly with industry news, photos of recent projects or perhaps topical advice and comment. Whatever the reason for the blog post, it is important to remember that the writing style of the blog should usually be different to the style of the website in general.

Why? Well a blog is more akin to a conversation whereas the rest of the website is not. Blog posts give you the opportunity to talk to your readers in quite an informal way. Writing in a conversational manner will help to get across your personality, expertise and knowledge.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your blog posts: Continue reading >>

Useful Resource: Beginners guide to SEO from MOZ (formerly SEOMoz) has long been one of the (if not the) most respected resources in the SEO world.

SEO is an important subject for many of my clients, and so I thought it worth highlighting the freely accessible ‘Beginners guide to SEO’ from Moz.  I remain convinced that SEO is as much about marketing and strategy as it is about ‘techy’.  Even if you intend to employ someone else to do SEO for you, it’s important you have a good grounding in how it works, if only to help ensure you don’t have wool pulled over your eyes. Continue reading >>

Keeping your website fresh for Google – without a blog

Keeping your website regularly updated with fresh, good quality content is important for two key reasons: It’s an indication to your website visitors that you’re still in business & keeping on top of things Google likes it But it can sometimes be a struggle.  A blog is the obvious solution (& often the most effective one too).  But for some businesses, a blog is either not appropriate, or is too much of a big time commitment to maintain. In such cases, is it best to give up or are there alternatives? I’d suggest the latter; here are some ideas: Portfolio… Read more »

If you’re struggling to convert blog readers into clients, read this

Have a look back at your last three blog posts. First, do they have any value?  If the answer is no, go back to the drawing board.  You can either do better, or you can give up blogging. If you’ve passed that first hurdle, onto the next: Who are your blog posts of value to?  Who finds them useful? I’m a website designer.  Sometimes, I share information that is of value to other website designers.  (This normally happens when I’ve spent ages trying to crack a specific problem, the solution to which I think will be of value to other… Read more »

The multi-screen world (and what it means for you)

photo credit: adactio via photopin cc We’re multi-screeners.  Or at least North Americans are, according to a Google study from earlier this year, and I don’t think we in England are far off. The study looked at how media is used in daily life, and how consumers use multiple screens to accomplish their tasks (the study report is embedded at the bottom of this post).  These are the things that stood out for me: “The device we choose to use is often driven by our context: where we are, what we want to accomplish and the amount of time we… Read more »

Where to find (good) photos for blogging

Finding good images for blog posts can be a little bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Doing an image search on Google usually yields plenty of results… but using these (normally copyrighted) images on your blog is generally a big no-no unless you get the owner’s permission first.  Which is far too much hassle. Then there are stock libraries, such as iStock.  If you choose carefully, and avoid the glaringly ‘stock’ images, great.  But you have to pay.  Not great.  Particularly not great for regular blog posts. The answer? Probably the best answer is Flickr Creative… Read more »

The connection between online and ‘real life’…

… and how you can make it work for you. Life is more than what’s online.  Business is more than what’s online.  Whilst technology has and does enable communication and lots of other good things, there is still infinitely more to life than what’s online. But with all the rhetoric, advice and focus on the internet and the amazing things it can achieve for us, one could almost think sometimes that ‘online’ is the panacea.  Which leaves me a little bit sad.  Because it’s not. Why am I saying this? I had a conversation back in July with a long-time client,… Read more »