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The multi-screen world (and what it means for you)

photo credit: adactio via photopin cc We’re multi-screeners.  Or at least North Americans are, according to a Google study from earlier this year, and I don’t think we in England are far off. The study looked at how media is used in daily life, and how consumers use multiple screens to accomplish their tasks (the study report is embedded at the bottom of this post).  These are the things that stood out for me: “The device we choose to use is often driven by our context: where we are, what we want to accomplish and the amount of time we… Read more »

The right approach for mobile web

Everyone is banging on about mobile websites these days. Your response to this (I’m about to put you into a very square, tidy pigeon hole… address all complaints to [email protected]), probably falls into one of three categories. Either: you’ve already got it sorted (good on you!) you know it’s something you need to think about but keep putting off you are stubbornly refusing to even think about it This article is for people in pigeon hole number 2 (everyone else may leave now). So – this mobile website thing… what’s the best way to go about it?  First off, let… Read more »

Responsive video (updated)

It’s been a while since I posted about how to make a locally-hosted video responsive, using Video JS. Since then, Video JS itself has been updated (the current version at the time of writing is 3.2.0), and although I posted an update in the comments of my previous post, several people were still getting confused, so thought best to post again here. Essentially, the containing div that Video JS uses changed, hence requiring a change to the CSS. Instructions as follows:   The (Updated) Responsive Video Solution Please see example here: – try resizing your screen in an older… Read more »

Mobile Websites Beat Apps

There is an on-going battle being fought between mobile websites and apps.  Ok, so maybe the word battle is a little strong, but you get the idea. On the whole, I have always tended to favour mobile websites, as having several advantages: you don’t have to persuade the user to download – once they’re at your website, they’re there the need to create multiple apps for multiple, fast changing platforms is eliminated – a well built responsive mobile website should work cross-platform So I was interested to read this report by Nielsen, giving the results of research involving 5000 US… Read more »

Making videos responsive

NOTE: Please see updated post/code here: Responsive Videos (updated) (works with latest Video JS version at time of writing – 3.2.0) As part of a recent project, I needed to find a way to make self-hosted video (i.e. video files uploaded to client’s hosting server rather than YouTube or the like) responsive.  I.e. so they shrink down proportionally with screen size. I decided to use the VideoJS plugin as a good way to support both HTML5 video (for those browsers that will display it) and a fallback flash version (for those browsers… namely older versions of IE… that won’t). Making HTML5… Read more »

A mobile update

Back in July (that long ago?!), I was talking about mobile websites.  As I’m in the midst of creating my third ‘Responsively Designed’ website, (for established Medical Communications agency Ashley Communications – link currently points to their soon-to-be-old website), I thought now would be an opportune time to update you on some of my findings. It has been, and continues to be, an interesting journey.  If there’s one thing that’s for certain in this industry, it’s that it’s continually changing, and therefore you have to be continually learning.  At times this can seem scary, but to be honest, I’ve actually… Read more »

Mobile is not an option any more

The mobile web is big and it’s getting bigger.  Mobile browsing is expected to overtake desktop browsing in two to four years (see here and here, as quoted by Ethan Marcote on A List Apart, in his article on Responsive Web Design).   The number of mobile devices is growing ever more rapidly, with this slideshow by Bryan Rieger from Yiibu quoting figures of 3.4 billion having mobile devices – roughly 1/2 the people on the planet – compared with the 1.8 billion estimated internet connections (26% of World population at beginning of 2010).

So what does all that mean?  Mobile web is not an option any longer, that’s a given.  But it’s more complicated than that.  Traditionally, the solution has been to perhaps build a mobile version of your website for mobile visitors.  Or to build an iPhone app.  Or an iPad app.  Or all three.

But where does that leave us?  Less than 4% of the global market share of mobile devices falls to the iPhone.  Less than 4%.  Again, to quote Bryan Rieger, the most popular devices (think BMW) don’t necessarily translate into the most used devices (think Ford).  Do you cut off a huge chunk of your users, simply because they haven’t got an iPhone?

And consider too – the smartphone of today will be thoroughly out of date in three years time.  There will be a whole raft of new devices out there, as well as the old ones hanging on too.  So do you create a new version of your website for each new device that’s brought out?

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